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University of Vermont

The University of Vermont is located in Burlington, VT, a beautiful small city on Lake Champlain.   The school has a little over 10,000 students, and, although it is a state university, only 35% of the students are from Vermont.  The architecture is a mix of old and modern, with a fairly new, 164,000 square foot Dudley H. Davis student center as the campus centerpiece.

UVM offers a wide variety of majors; popular ones include biology, business administration and psychology.  Pre-med and pre-vetinary students take advantage of UVM medical school and Tufts’ vet program.  There is an honors program for the top admitted students.

UVM students are diverse and eclectic, although there is not much racial diversity.  Preppy students, athletes, hippie-types and outdoorsy students can all feel at home and take advantage of the beautiful location near the Green Mountains and White Mountains.  While the school has a reputation as a “party school”, there is apparently a t-shirt which says “If you want to party, come to UVM.  If you want to stay, study!”

All freshmen and most sophomores live in on-campus dorms, while the upperclassmen tend to move to off-campus apartments.  The athletic teams are the Catamounts, and ice hockey is the most popular sport at UVM.  There is no football team, but soccer and basketball draw crowds, and many students participate on the ski team.   Beyond sporting events, there are concerts, hiking, shopping and other activities in Burlington and nearby.