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Top Websites to Help With the College Search Process

College Students with Computer at ParkEach year, more and more students use the internet to help them identify “best-fit” colleges. Each college or university’s website holds a wealth of information. Innovations in technology have provided ways to help that search process along. For example, a high school student can “like” a college on Facebook and then receive frequent posts on the goings-on at that school.

The Independent Educational Consultants Association, or IECA, is made up of over 1,000 member consultants who work with college-bound students, as well as boarding school and special needs students. IECA recently polled its members for both students’ and parents’ favorite websites used for the college process. Here is the students’ “Top 15 List” followed by IECA’s recommendations for parents’ favorites.

1. Favorite Web Sites for Students Recommended by IECA Members (commonly asked questions answered by students, counselors & IECA Members) (teen-centric information about colleges) (planning tools for campus visits) (campus tour videos) (compare colleges, ask questions of students or IECA members) (anecdotal information from students) (data on campus security) (for a list of schools not requiring SAT or ACT exams) (student info provided to colleges) (matching student interests with college offerings) (scholarship and college search information) (accurate, up-to-date information about every college) (essay requirements and how to satisfy with least number of essays) (SuperMatch helps refine the college search)

IEACAnd for Parents…

2. IECA’s Recommendations for Parents’ Favorites (scholarships and financial aid information)
(to discover college graduation rates)
(commonly asked questions answered by counselors & IECs)
and (financing college)
(scholarships and financial aid)
(lots of great information about the process) (parent pages offer lots of advice) (sit in on actual classes, virtually)
(planning tools for campus visits) (national center for education statistics)

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