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Six Reasons Why You Should Hire a College Consultant

College-admissions-consultant-connecticut1.   “School cutbacks have left guidance counselors badly outnumbered…Consultants have begun to fill the void, helping parents and kids to find the best schools for their money. Good consultants know college admission trends and maintain significant ties in the field. How to find them: Although not all educational consultants are affiliated with the Independent Educational Consultants Association, it’s a good place to start.” 

- Money Magazine

2.  Independent Educational Consultants (IECs) offer an unbiased, objective opinion. They are used to working with data, have visited many colleges and universities personally, and are connected to other IEC’s who are knowledgeable about even more schools. They are not caught up in the “drama” of peer pressure.

3.  IECs look for a great match for the student, not just getting in. They can suggest schools, previously not on the radar, that are worthy of consideration.

4.  Members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) can join an e-mail “Talklist”, where questions and ideas are shared with a large professional network.

5.  IECs are dedicated to producing the best chances for a happy outcome, and future success for the student. This usually lowers stress for all family members involved.

6.  For a brief, unbiased view of the college consultant industry, watch: