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Dickinson College

Dickinson-College-college-consultantDickinson College is located in Carlisle, PA, a town of about 19,000 people in central Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1783 by Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and John Dickinson, a signer of the Constitution. The goal of the college was to prepare the next generation, and those to follow, with the fundamental knowledge required to further democratic ideals.

The school has approximately 2,400 students, and the campus architecture consists mostly of gray limestone buildings, with some modern architecture, as well.

Two of the main themes of Dickinson which I heard on my tour and information session are Global Studies and Sustainability.

Global Studies: About 58% of Dickinson students study abroad at some point during their time there. In fact, Dickinson ranks in the top three U.S. institutions for foreign language majors; about 13% of each graduating class majors in a foreign language; even more double-major with a foreign language component. There are 13 languages offered, and many overseas programs to choose from.

Sustainability: Many colleges say that they care about and focus on protecting the environment, but Dickinson has some clearly outlined programs that a good proportion of students actively participate in. There are “green” initiatives throughout campus, co-op programs with the community, and projects that are taken abroad, such as the study of rising sea levels in Hamburg, Germany.

Dickinson has an organic farm a few miles away, which students can work on, and where some of their food comes from.

There are fraternities and sororities for those interested in Greek life. Athletics is Division III, competing with other small Pennsylvania colleges like Franklin & Marhsall. There is quite a bit of student interaction with the local community.

I recommend adding Dickinson to your list of colleges to consider – and visit – if you are interested in attending a small liberal arts college with a global orientation and challenging academics.