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Hi Pam! Any suggestions re: applying to a top tier state school if you're from out state? For example, my daughter really likes UVA. However approx 30% of incoming class seats are 'reserved' for kids from out of state the rest are held for kids from VA. Plus, as UVA is such a hot school in a place like Fairfield County, she's competing against her own classmates. From what I understand, colleges don't usually accept multiple students from one HS unless it's a standard 'feeder' school. Thoughts beyond having a standard hook which helps (i.e. top squash player, fencer, mini-entrepreneur, etc.)? Thanks!
Author: Elizabeth

Yes, many out-of-state universities are quite selective, partly due to the quotas for in-state vs. out-of-state students. For example, University of North Carolina only accepts 18% of its students from other states! So, other than being the best student your daughter can be, and having some meaningful extracurricular activities, she might want to apply Early Decision to her top choice school. Since I don't really know your daughter, feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail for more specific advice. I have direct experience with students who have been accepted to University of Virginia and other well-known state universities.
Author: Pamela K. Pik
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